Hampton Beach Seafood Festival 2022

This one is for all of you foodies out there. If you live in New England, chances are that you love seafood. Around here, we indulge in the privilege’s of living right near the ocean. Seafood is plenty and delicious. For the past seven years or so, I have enjoyed the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival alongside my fellow New Englanders.

One of my favorite things I like to enjoy first is bacon wrapped scallops from the Saint James Booth. Simple and delicious is all I can say.

Next up is a new to me from last year’s festival the Donut Ice Cream Cones. These are donuts fried into the shape of a cone, filled with your choice of vanilla or chocolate ice cream, and a variety of toppings. I got the original, which is a cinnamon sugar donut cone line with Nutella, filled with vanilla ice cream and i topped it with strawberry sauce.

My friend got the Apple Pie one which is a cinnamon sugar cone lined with caramel, apple pie filling, streusel topping and vanilla ice cream

The process to make these looks quite interesting. Just look at all those delicious cones waiting to be deep fried and served to hungry festival goers.

Next on my list is a booth that was new to me last year as well. They were a one stop shop for everything you could want. Lobster, fish and chips, fired clams and much more. having tried their Coconut shrimp last year, I got them again this year and they did not disappoint. I also got a plate of their snow crab legs, which I devoured too quickly to take a photo of. But here are the shrimp.

Being one of the busiest booths on the strip for the event, they are nonstop making food ensuring that there is plenty to go around.

There is also a strip of vendors selling their homemade items. One booth caught my eye that did engravings on jewelry pieces. They also had dog tags. I got one for my new puppy Mochi.

Under the beer tent on the beach, there is a live band playing music. The energy of live music is unmatched by anything else in my opinion. People come together to dance and drink and enjoy just being there.

Further down the strip on the clamshell stage, there is another band performing live music. People are dancing with each other and enjoying their time after feasting on all the seafood.

At the end of the night on Saturday, they put on a fireworks show to close out the day.

With COVID-19 not allowing some of these events for a couple years, it is good to get back out here and enjoy them again.

Until next time. Motor on.