Horsepower Farm

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today we are going to do something a little different. I’d like to start interviewing people that I know and that I come across along the way and share their stories. I will be sharing what they do, how they got in to cars, where it all startedContinue reading “Horsepower Farm”

Conquering Autocross and the Kanc

What’s up everyone? It’s been a while since I posted last. It’s been a hectic couple months and I have a feeling that things may finally be turning around. Anyways, this past weekend was long and busy and so much fun. Two events, two days and loads of memories to share. Saturday May 18th, 5:30AM ThereContinue reading “Conquering Autocross and the Kanc”

Universal Studios Orlando 2019

Hello everyone! I’m back from my tip from Universal Studios Orlando, and boy what a trip it was! A few things to start off with, yes, I went alone. Yes, I chose to go alone. Yes, I had a fantastic time, and yes, I would go alone again. I’m a very social person, but IContinue reading “Universal Studios Orlando 2019”

Louisa’s First Place First

Hello everyone!! Happy Monday, or in my case, not so happy Monday… It’s already a rough start to the week, but it can only go up from here… right? Anyways, this past weekend was filled with car events once again. Saturday morning I had to work, so my good friends Steve and Nancy were kindContinue reading “Louisa’s First Place First”

Nobody beats Town Fair Tire… NOBODY

Hey everyone!! First off, if you read the title and laughed you also probably cried. If you have no idea why I decided to title the blog post what I did, then you did not experience the pain and suffering that World of Wheels goers and participants endured for three long days… What a weekend!! SaturdayContinue reading “Nobody beats Town Fair Tire… NOBODY”