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Memento Vivere

Memento Vivere is the latin term meaning, “Remeber to live.”

In the tragic wake of beloved Ken Block’s death, I feel even more compelled to live the life that I want to live. His most recent story released before his death, “Go Fast Risk Every Thang,” struck a chord within me. Life is so fragile, and so short. It is not worth playing pretend and doing anything less than what makes your heart and soul sing. Ken Block was a master behind the wheel and his ruthless driving style, absolute control and positive outlook made him the legend that we will all remember.

As I begin my first solo trip out to Las Vegas, Nevada, I have never felt more at home and at peace. But my sense of being at home and peace is not a place, its within myself. I know that what I am doing is feeding my soul and keeping it alive. My reckless, unconventional and, the word I’ve been described with so many times, impulsive lifestyle has taken me places that I never would’ve thought possible. Trust the process, is a phrase I have adopted and once I began to let go and allow whatever to come to me to come to me, it all started to fall into place.

It is so easy to get lost in the noise and distractions that plague us every day. It is even harder to stay focused on the reason that you are here. Right now, in this moment, we are alive. Every moment presents a new opportunity and a decision to do something, anything. What have you always wanted to do? To see? To go? Make it happen. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, or even the next minute.

I have no real game plan for this week. A few things have been scheduled here and there for events and reveals that I do not want to miss, but I am simply open to whatever will present itself. The future is unknown, and how exciting is that? Take risks. We are all guaranteed death, don’t forget to live.

Until next time.

Motor on.


2 thoughts on “Memento Vivere

  1. Remember to live and spell with all the M’s!
    In all seriousness thank you for sharing your excellent reflections following the death of Ken Block. You are wise at a young age for it took me several decades longer and becoming a cancer warrior to understand how right you are!

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