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Weymouth Lantern Festival 2022

We all know that Google tracks our every search and suggests products or events that its algorithm thinks we may be interested in. Often times, my suggestions are spot on. As I was scrolling one night, the Weymouth Lantern Festival, happening on my birthday, came up. I looked into the event and it looked interesting. I had seen similar events where they launch them into the sky, but this event launched them into the harbor in Weymouth, MA. I decided to buy a ticket and attend.

Since I was working that day at Palmer for their Laps with Larz event, once that event ended, I hopped in my car to drive back across the state for the Lantern Festival. When you arrive, there isn’t much parking close by, unless you got there early. There is a lot only about a 15 minute walk away. The streets of Wessagusset Beach are quiet and quaint. Beach themed mailboxes lines the streets as you walk to the water. Food trucks and vendors lined the streets hoping to draw in the festival goers.

If you bought a ticket to participate, you check in at registration and then they give you the lantern to decorate. Here was mine.

It was fun to decorate. For a little bit I walked around the beach. People then started releasing their lanterns into the water. I ventured down to the shore to watch.

It was fun to watch them float around and see everyones creation illuminating on the water. I decided it was time to release mine and set my intentions for my upcoming year.

I released the year that had come and gone before me with all the challenges and victories that came and went with it. It was an emotional experience as I recalled all that had happened, and the plans that I set into motion. Some times were difficult, but things also happened that I never thought would have. It just goes to show that we never know where we will end up, the opportunities that will present themselves and the people that we will meet along the way. The sun went down, and everyones lanterns made the bay glow.

As I turned to venture home for the night, I am grateful for all that the 27th year gave me, and can’t wait to see where the 28th will bring me.

Until next time.

Motor on.


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