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The Heart of Lemons

When us car enthusiasts think of the term “lemons,” it is not often in a positive light. It’s often viewed as a negative term that refers to a car that gives us nothing but issues and problems one after another. However, to some of us it is a term of endearment.

I recently got together with my friend Jason Hopkins who has been a member of the Lemons Racing community for quite some time. I photographed his 2020 Subaru Impreza with a 5 speed manual transmission. He describes his car adventures as somewhat common, but also uncommon. From a young age he was always into Hot Wheels and car magazines. He had posters of everything and anything car related on his walls. From the classic Lamborghini Countach to the humble Dodge Stratus. Jason has been in the car show scene as well as the Lemons Racing community.

Jason’s main love for vehicles lies in the history of them and all the little quirks that make us love them. You can find the connections in the automotive racing community. Jason has taken part in a few Lemons Rallies, which are cross country scavenger hunts. He has also done a few autocross events. But Jason’s “claim to fame,” is his facebook group the Citrus Racer Lounge. The group brings members of the Lemons Racing community together from all over the United Stated and all of the world. It is one of the largest groups for lemons racing in the world. Jason was even invited to Facebook Headquarters in 2019 as one several hundred admins to attend the Leadership summit. He also does some social media PR for a racing group in New Zealand and several other of his friends.

Jason’s automotive journey has been unique and has allowed for him to make a lot of friends. Like a lot of us, he does as much as he can with the resources he has, and continues to make new friends and help out the ones he can in the automotive community. We’ll circle back with Jason as he continues his journey through the uniqueness of the Lemons Community.


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