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Topsfield Fair 2022

Fried dough, carnival rides and games, what more can you ask for from a state fair? If you live in New England, chances are that you have made a trip to the annual Topsfield Fair in Topsfield, MA at some point. Since I was a baby, or so I have been told, I have gone to the Topsfield Fair. With my birthday being on Columbus Day Weekend, and the fair always being during the same time, it became my birthday tradition. When the pandemic struck in 2019, the fair, like many other events, were canceled. For a short while, that tradition would have to be put on hold. However in 2020, the fair came back around and it was time to carry on the tradition.

This year has been full of twists and turns, so I ventured to the fair with one of my good friends during the week. We picked to go on a Tuesday, and it ended up raining. However, the rain didn’t stop us or a bunch of other happy fair goers. I primarily go for the food, which were some of the only booths open. We took one loop around the fairgrounds first before deciding what to indulge in first. We ultimately decided to start with a classic, Italian Sausage with peppers and onions.

Next we indulged in some lemonade and German fries.

Next on the list was a Chinese Sausage on a stick, which was just too good to take a photo. But here is the booth, that won best food at the fair this year!

We finished(or so we thought) with an apple crisp topped with vanilla ice cream.

As part of the annual tradition, I must go and see the biggest pumpkin that one of the locals spends all year growing. This year’s pumpkin broke all previous records at 2,480lbs.

The last stop on the annual Topsfield tour was to go and see the baby chicks. Since I was a. Hold, I have loved the fuzzy little baby chickens. So cute. At the fair there is a chance to to view the hatchery where you can watch them hatch, and then see there little fluffy selves make a fluffy chick pile.

Lat but not least, I had to pick up some caramel apples for my mom and sister back home.

On the way out we grabbed one final fair goodie, a pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich. It was an item definitely not needed, but one too good to pass up and just too good to hold onto long enough for a photo.

The rain didn’t stop me from enjoying my annual tradition, and all that I have grown to love about the Topsfield Fair.

Until next time.

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