Mini Mayhem

Monday October 25th

I am back in the south for more adventures. This past weekend marked a first for me… A couple of weeks ago I bought a 2021 Coleman Mini Bike. It was listed on Facebook marketplace for a very good deal! The guy who I bought it from was very kind. It’s always fun meeting people from different parts of the country. Here was what the mini bike looked like before.

I decided to add a little more me to the mini bike, so I picked up some paint and got to work. I had only painted a small part of the bumper on my car before, but no matter. I wanted to keep the Coleman logos visible, so I taped them over and got to work. It all came out very well. Since theres no stock color like this out there. I rely on the automotive aftermarket to make this stuff happen!

What a fun time! I do love getting to be creative and making things more my own. I put all the pieces back on and it was ready…

The next day, we loaded up the K10 and headed to Busco Beach!

Busco Beach, located in Goldsboro, NC is an awesome ATV Park with over 100 acres of trails to explore. Its vast, sandy, and beautiful. If off-roading, four-wheeling and overall having fun is your thing, then this is a place for you. We attended an event called Mini Mayhem, hosted by CarsandCameras on Youtube. CarsandCameras is run by three guys, Isaac, John and Charles. They partner with GoPowerSports.com go bring their fantastic machines to life. They were all there at the event and it was awesome to meet them in person. If you are familiar with their videos, they brought quite a few of the machines they built, a 4×4, coleman mini bike, go kart and trailmaster. Awesome to see in person as well. If you like seeing people build cool stuff in their backyard, check out their channel.Β  Saturday consisted of trail rides with the group, drag racing, hanging out and exploring. It was an excellent day.

Oooh that mini bike looks good in teal! What a great time. Here is some footage from the weekend. Can’t wait to come back and do it again next year.

Until the next adventure!

Motor on.


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