Girls Trip 2019

What’s happening everyone!

I just returned home from our Florida vacation and what a blast it was. Myself and three of my girl friends took a trip to Disney to celebrate our birthdays (and one half birthday 😁). The idea was planted way back in the spring and it’s hard to believe that it has come and gone already. So let’s relive the adventure.

Thursday October 24th 4:00AM

I thankfully got a good night’s sleep the night before, so my 4AM wake up call wasn’t as brutal as it could have been. Bags were packed and I was out the door. My mom drove myself and my friend to the airport for our departure. Bye Mom, thank you, you’re the best. We checked our big suitcases and stood in line for dreaded security. It was not bad though. We were on our way as the sun was rising.

The flight took a little more than three hours and I was happy when we finally touched down. The air was warm and humid compared to the crisp air of fall here in New England. Our luggage was thankfully taken care of , so we could head straight to the resort.We hopped on Disney’s Magical Express, and soon we were there. The bus driver’s name was “Mickey,” which I thought was fitting.


We arrived on property t around 11AM, our room wasn’t ready yet, so we took off to Hollywood Studios first to visit Galaxy’s Edge, the new Star Wars themed area. Before that, we had a Fastpass+ to Toy Story Mania, super fun shooting game. The objective is to hit as many targets as you can and earn the highest score. The inside where you wait in line was awesome, everything was made to look bigger so that you would feel like a toy.




To infinity and beyond! Off to Galaxies Edge.

While I have never seen Star Wars (I know, I can hear you all gasping), the park was beautiful. I didn’t know what I was looking at, but I can appreciate the recreation of it.






If you’re planning a trip to Disney anytime soon and love Star Wars, this is must for you. We did several activities here. First up was Oga’s Cantina where a mix of intergalactic drinks and some small eats are available.


Here is the Cliff Dweller, a tasty beverage served in a Perf cup. A reservation is highly recommend and you can only reserve a 40 minute window to leave room for other travelers who did not make one. From there we went on the Millennium Falcon ride. Everyone is assigned a position, we got the engineers. Our function was to repair the ship from damage from enemies. This consisted of pushing flashing buttons and switches. An interactive 4D ride.

We then headed to Droid Depot to build our droids. Again, it is highly recommended you reserve a time slot. We were somehow able to get in early for ours though. Very grateful to the cast members who let us do that!



You grab you pieces off a conveyer belt, either your BB type or R2 type. I selected BB-8, original colors. There are other colors like black and blue and purple to choose from as well. The assembly is relatively simple, then they activate your droid companion and send you on your way. A fun little experience.

Star Tours was up next, which is another 4D ride with C3PO. A “fugitive” is discovered aboard our ship and we have to escape to safety. The ride shifts and shakes to make you feel like you are actually flying through space. And for someone who doesn’t care for real rollercoasters, these rides are great. I was then able to witness my friend assemble a lightsaber. Without knowing any of the lore of the franchise, I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Again, reserve a time slot. I highly recommend this for anyone who is a fan. By this time our other friends should be arriving, so we head back to the hotel to relax for a bit, then it was off to Disney Springs!

We ate at one of our favorite spots from the previous trip, The Polite Pig. A delicious array of smoked meat. I had the cheddar filled sausage and brisket. The best part was leftovers for the next day.


Time to head back to the resort. Four more fun-filled days were ahead of us.

Friday October 25th, 7:00AM

My internal clock prevents me from sleeping in. But that’s okay. I was super excited for day two. We were hitting up Animal Kingdom.



The Tree of Life was blocked off a bit by some construction that was going on, but it is still pretty wild looking. There are various animals carved in to it. What can you spot?

We ventured to Pandora the world of Avatar. It was awesome! The structures were amazing. A truly wonderful recreation.



I stopped for a drink, the Night Blossom.


It was a fruity drink with a light up flower floating on top and fruity mango boba.

We were then off to Navi’s River Journey. You’re taken into the water and journey down the river. There are an array of characters from the world of Avatar. Below is a short clip from outside in the park.

We then were lucky enough to score a Fastpass+ for Flight of Passage. That was one of the best rides. You’re paired with an avatar who is taking their Rite of Passage and bonding with a Banshee. You mount a “Banshee” with your 3D glasses and are flown around the beautiful world of Pandora. One of the small details I enjoyed was the mimic of the Banshee breathing as your were flying.

It was time to depart… for some lunch! Because we were all celebrating our Birthday’s we were wearing Birthday pins. I was lucky enough to score a free little cake!

From there, two of us went off to Mt Everest, and then myself and one off the girls went off to Up! A Great Bird Adventure. This was pretty cool. There were a bunch of exotic birds that were brought out. Here were two of my favorites. An owl and a Bald Eagle. Doug and Russel from Up! made an appearance as well, and will certainly make one later…



Next on our list was the Safari. It is still one of the best experiences in Animal Kingdom. There are tons of animals that are hanging around in the vast fields.

Back behind the dinoland for kids, there is one of the BEST rides in Animal Kingdom. It may seem silly to some, but was one of our favorites that we rode twice. The ride is dinosaur themed and you are put on a time machine and sent back in time. Our objective is to bring back one of the dinos. It’s not quite a rollercoaster but is definitely fun. A T-Rex is ‘chasing’ you throughout the ride, and they snap your photo as it almost snaps up the cart that you’re riding in. If a T-Rex chasing you isn’t enough, the meteor shower that wiped out the dinos is about to hit as well. But, well all make it back to our own time period before it strikes.

In between all of this chaos, I met one of my favorite characters. Kevin from UP!

I’m not sure how the actor was able to see where I was taking a selfie, but this is damn near perfection.


Okay, after my little freakout session, we head over to It’s Tough to be a Bug starring favorites from a timeless classic, A Bug’s Life. This is a 3D show, where you are taught how all of the strange little insects help out our environment. Hopper makes an appearance as well to try and scare us off. In the end, he gets scared off by a chameleon. The seats poke at you as the bugs are “leaving the theatre.” We then ended the day with meeting Doug and Russel from UP!


It was back to the hotel room for some rest now. We had reservations for Morimoto in Disney Springs that night.



A gorgeous restaurant with a delicious array of food to choose from. I got wings and shrimp tempura. Sooo good! A highly recommended spot, and not too pricey if you don’t want it to be. We also visited Sprinkles’ Cupcake ATM, open 24/7 for your sweet tooth.


Saturday October 26th 8:00AM

Wakey wakey! On today’s adventure, Magic Kingdom.



This is the biggest all the parks and definitely the most exhausting. It is a good idea to plan your day accordingly. Or if you like to live on the edge, wing it. That’s what we did on our first trip.

In the morning we had a reservation at Be Our Guest which took place at the Beast’s castle.






Very pretty on the inside. And also very pricey! You order your own food from a kiosk and then the servers bring it out to the table of your choosing. An experience for sure, but likely not one I would do again. If this is one of your favorite movies though, definitely go for it.

After dining in the West Wing, we had a Fastpass+ for Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain back to back. Oh joy… Thunder Mountain isn’t that bad, kind of fun actually. But the big drop on Splash Mountain is just terrifying.. to me anyways. Comical to others. But hey, I faced my fears and put my hands up. #proudfriendmoment

After that we went on a hunt for the Arandelle Aqua ears. Spoiler alert, they eluded us the whole trip, but that’s okay. I got a picture with a bunch of balloons, so it’s all good to me.


We were lucky enough to score a Fastpass+ for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride. This one is relatively new still, and had a ridiculous wait time. Totally worth it though. SO much fun. It’s a relatively faster rollercoaster, but the bits in the mines with the seven dwarfs were really fun and adorable. Here is the Seven Dwarf’s house from the line!


Next up was another favorite (YEAH RIGHT) of mine, Space Mountain. We had a good hour wait for this one since there were no more Fastpasses available. So we passed the time with the Heads Up app. A super fun game that definitely passes the time. I recommend it if you find yourself waiting in long lines with funny friends. The ride was a lot faster than I remember it being last year, and there was a lot of yelling and laughter going on. There was laughing and even some crying.

In that same area we did the Carousel of Progress. This one is really cool. You sit in a rotating theater and go through the decades. Our progress is shown and our roots and where we came from is appreciated. Since the ride is continuous, the ride never has a long line, and its a nice way to cool off for a little bit. Our next stop was Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. Another shooting game where you have to hit the targets and earn as many points as possible to defeat Zurg. For whatever reason, theses games are ones I excel at. Soo, I guess you’ll want me around when the Zombie Apocalypse happens ;).


Giant view master from the ride, and Buzz Lightyear!

Nigh started to settle in, but there was one more ride we had to do before the fireworks show on the castle started. Here is the village square from Tangled below, one my all time favorites.


We hit up the Haunted Mansion Ride before the show. This is slow ride. Sit back, relax and enjoy all the ghosts… wait what? Yea, you read that right. It’s a little spooky. And we got stuck on the ride, AGAIN, in the exact same spot as we did last year! Talk about creepy.

After our encounter with the spirits, we found a spot to park our butts for the Show on the Castle. We waited a little bit before it started, but it was completely worth the wait. For whatever reason, I was really emotional. I was here, I was alive. I was finding myself more and more everyday. I was in a position to make this happen for myself. Magical did not even begin to describe the display of lights and fireworks that they put on. A truly great ending to the day.

Sunday October 27th, 8:30AM

It became increasingly more difficult to wake up each day. We stayed out later and later. But hey, it was a Girls Trip! Today’s schedule included Epcot! My personal favorite park, and not only because the Food and Wine festival was going on, but because of Test Track. Yet Track is my absolute favorite ride ever! But we had a stop to make before we hit up that.

First on our Fastpass+ list was Frozen Ever After. I missed this one last time I was here and only remembered when I was back home. It was well worth the wait. You are taken in yet another boat to see Olaf, Sven, Anna, Kristoff and finally Elsa. As you work your way around, you see her magic castle come to life. It was truly magical.

We circled back around towards the front of the park to go to Test Track! Why is the ride so expertly fantastic you might ask? Well, first you get to build your own car. There are four categories in which you are tested. Responsiveness, Efficiency, Capability and finally Power. On our first visit to the park, we didn’t really know what we were doing. But what we realized this time around was that the overall speed of the ride was based on how powerful you could get your car..

So off we went. It takes you through various courses for the response, efficiency and capability portions, and then finally, you test your power… I think we reached a speed of about 67 MPH outside, or at least that’s what the overheard monitor said as we rode past it. Here’s a fun little collection of Test Track.


(It may not be pretty, but it was fast.)

From there we were going to head back to the food… but I got distracted because we were going to have a chance to meet Joy and Sadness from Inside Out and Baymax from Big Hero Six. The Experience was just as great as it sounds…


As I captioned this photo on social media, I’ll caption it here. “Find someone who looks at you the way I look at Baymax.”


The whole gang!

The rest of day consisted of visiting the countries and eating food. Like this giant donut!


“No donuts were eaten in the making of this photo”

When we circled back around to Norway, we got to meet Anna and Elsa from Frozen.


Our last ride of the day was the Gran Fiesta Tour. You are taken on a leisurely boat ride through Mexico. It was a nice ending to Epcot.


It was our last day and our last park. It was time to say goodbye. A bittersweet feeling.


After we had our fill of food we head back to the hotel to relax on our last day. We took our final shuttle ride over to Disney Springs for dinner. One more final walk around. One more time to soak in the sites, until next time.

Being able to go on these adventures makes me incredibly grateful to be here. I have great friends I can take them with, and great friends and family to return home to.


Until the next adventure… Motor on.