Hear Me Out

Picture this.

Imagine something you love. Or someone you love. Imagine that thing that makes your heart sing. Imagine that thing that you would give anything for, your time, your energy, your everything. Imagine that thing there with you, and imagine how happy it makes you.

Now imagine that same thing in a different way. Imagine that thing or that person that you love is not good for you. Imagine that object is toxic to your overall wellbeing. Imagine that although it makes you happy, it is ultimately not worth your time, your energy, you everything. Imagine that thing is right in front of you, so close, but yet, you are not able to reach it.

Would you walk away? Some things in our life are very hard. And sometimes not everything is in our control. It is hard to imagine something that we love so dearly ultimately not being good for us or hurting us. It is these hard decisions that we need to make everyday. We must decide what is worth fighting for, what is worth our blood, sweat and tears, and what is not.

On the flip side of things, sometimes a risk is what we need in our lives. Playing it safe all the time never got anyone anywhere. Sometimes we are unsure of what we love and what we want, so we don’t bother to pursue it. A few years ago when I attended my first car show, I hated it. I was so bored, and did not want anything to do with it again. I gave it another chance though. I took a chance, a small one, but it was still a chance. It opened my life to a world I could’ve never imagined. But every year something changes, I find new things that pique my interest and new risks that I want to take. I take on too much sometimes, which is not always a bad thing. But ultimately, there are other things in my life than just car show which require my energy as well.

My personal life is in shambles. There are only so many thing we are able to control as I mentioned earlier. A lot of what is going on is out of my control. I need to make some hard decisions. I need to see what is worth my time, what is worth my energy. I need to put myself on a good track for what and who I want in my life. What was once making me very happy is draining me. I have unrealistic expectations sometimes, and it is not fair to anyone.

I am a firm believer in the ‘Everything happens for a reason,’ cliche. I also understand that sometimes we do need to walk away. It is not always easy, but sometimes it needs to be done. People and things come and go, but it is ultimately our decision what we put an effort towards to keep in our life. Maybe that thing or person you love is not worth it. Maybe it’s time to walk away.


One thought on “Hear Me Out

  1. James Ray says:

    Usually I find when I wonder about the answer to a question(s), the answer is obvious because I’m even wondering. When it’s real love, there is no wondering.


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