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Cruising Downtown 2018

Hello everyone!

I have been super busy this past weekend and almost forgot to post about Louisa’s adventure!

Saturday September 2 5:00AM

There’s only one thing I could be getting up for this early. CAR SHOW! Cruising Downtown was the first big car show I went to with Louisa last year and it was so much fun! For those of you who have never been, Cruising Downtown is a huge charity event to support the Rotary Club. Cars and enthusiasts from all over come and join together for one common interest. Small businesses set up booths and show off their own array of customer’s cars.

Last year was a last minute decision. I was the last person to pre register. When arriving to Elm Street, the volunteer directing people where to go parking me right on the corner of the street where all the cars were coming in. Throughout the day I had people come over and say that they saw me coming in and had to come back over and take a look. Last year was a blast, and this year was no exception.

When arriving on Elm Street this year, a different volunteer wanted to park me right on the sidewalk. I said thank you, but my friend Jonny had saved me a space further down the road.

As I proceeded down Elm St., it was already busy and full of cars. People I had seen at previous car shows as well as Cruising Downtown last year waved at me. A few people came over as I was stopped, waiting for the cars in front of me to proceed.


She looks so funny in between these two muscle cars!

All day, people came and pointed, asked questions, looked inside, and wanted to know more about the little MINI.

I must have talked to around 200 people throughout the day, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Louisa definitely got the attention she deserved. The morning consisted of breakfast at Top Shelf Tattoo and then a pig roast in the afternoon for lunch. 7am – 4pm. A long day, but totally worth it as always. I made some new friends and had some ‘fans’ of Louisa come over and thank me for bringing her out again.

Here are a few photos from the day!


Sunday September 3, 5:00am (AGAIN)

Whyyyy. Alright, today’s adventure is Seacoast Cars and Coffee!! I had to get there at 7am to help out, and with my tiny 21 HP engine, it takes a bit to get there on the backroads. The only good thing about early morning drives is that there is no one else around, and it you accidently run a stop sign, no one knows!

Another great day of car people and cars. I was in charged of the tent for the first hour while the founders and organizers of this great show could enjoy it together, something they often do not get to do!

Another 150 people came to the table to ask questions, purchase stuff or just to chat. A whopping 800+ cars roll in and out from 8am-11am. It is a huge show and at least a thousand people show up.

Here are a few photos from Sunday!20180902_0929376162148745459883345.jpg20180902_092914401413970986500865.jpg20180902_0928544251304131546475353.jpg20180902_0929534395496136311874849.jpg20180902_0954442380388663821591527.jpg20180902_0930238565780958814954853.jpg20180902_0935331492681992654430627.jpg20180902_1003434209195580051746859.jpg

There are of course more modern vehicles that go rather than classics, but I seek them out and make sure they get the attention that they deserve.

A short post after a crazy week. I hope you enjoyed the view. Until next time!

Motor On.



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