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Tuna. Racing. Coffee.

The weekend has come and gone once again. There just are not enough hours in the day, are there?

It was certainly another weekend for the books. Friday night was a last minute event for me. I joined 30 other MINIs at MINI of Peabody to rally down to Cape Ann for the for the annual Bluefin Blowout Tuna Tournament. Being that Saturday and Sunday consisted of so much car stuff, the even slipped my mind. Luckily, I was reminded and was sure glad I was. 20180803_1854511741285558927070456.jpg20180803_1907543195410691772193948.jpg20180803_1859168513643359646186068.jpg20180803_1902336773764247412153313.jpg20180803_1907487487127578392591686.jpg

Here are just a few phots from the rally prior to the actual event. My phone died while I was there so I was not able to get a photo of 610lb+ tuna that came in at the end… Luckily though, David did!


Holy damn! That thing was huge! Very impressive, and the very last catch of the night. Friday was fun, and a long day. But Saturday proved to be longer…

Saturday August 4, 5:00AM

My alarm went off and startled me awake it was so early. Heart racing after a mini heart attack, I hit snooze and rolled over. The sun was barely peaking over the trees out my window.. It was race day though! I had been looking forward to this day for a couple weeks now. I was invited by one of my friends to come and volunteer at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH with NER SCCA (New England Region Sports Car Club of America). It was quite the interesting experience.

Being the first time I had ever done something like this, I was pretty much just observing. Morning consisted of checking in, getting a wristband and then I headed over to the Chief’s meeting with my friend Charlie. Although I obviously was not a chief (yet) I was glad to listen to get a feel for what the day was going to look like.

Now, I could not explain all of the classes and types of cars that were there on Saturday. I couldn’t keep everything straight in my head as it was… A lot of Miatas, one MINI, open V cars and many more. The races started at 8:20 and went all the way until 4:40. The first half of the day consisted of me observing down in Pit Lane. Basically, that consisted of making sure cars were not coming in and out where they were not supposed to, and directing them back to the garage when their time or race was up. It rained most of the first half of the day, which was less than ideal..

Around noon, everyone headed inside for lunch, which was the only portion of the day where it did NOT rain. Go figure…

The second half of my day consisted of  of being on Grid. That was more interesting for sure. Grid consisted of a super crazy bunch of older ladies. All super nice with very big personalities. I liked them a lot. Down in Grid, they are responsible for lining up the cars according to their previous race times if its the second one. There are sheets with every racers number, time, class, model, name, and position. Their car number and position is really all that needs to be looked at in Grid. From there, it’s pretty easy. Match the car number with position number. Countdown the clock and then let them go!

I enjoyed myself down in Grid because you get to get up and close and personal with the race cars. Grid also consists of making sure all of their safety equipment of checked and properly set up, they are secure and ready to go! Here are two photos from one of the races.


I was not tired enough last night to forget my GoPro though! I captured video of almost every race of the cars leaving the grid. Check it out on youtube below!

I know what you much be thinking, getting up close in race cars was the best part. WRONG. The best part of the day was definitely being able to ride in the pace car!

That damn little Toyota was fast. Had to be to keep up with the racers! Riding around the track was so much fun, I did it a second time! After the pace car rides ended, I went back to grid to finish out my day.

I obviously should not have stayed out past midnight the night before having to get up so early the next day, because I fell asleep on my jacket on a picnic bench. I was a little embarrassed, but I got over it. There are worse things that can happen. I could’ve lost my shoe! Ha!

Anyways, after the day was over, there was a feast! salad, pasta salad, egg salad, chips and salsa and pulled pork (my favorite!). I hung around for a little while longer, making connections and what not. Then it was time to head home. I thought I would go right to bed, but I did not. I guess that 20 minute nap on the picnic table did the trick…

Sunday August 5, 5:30am

Another early morning! Time for Seacoast Cars and Coffee. This event was one of the very first cars and coffee events that I went to almost 4 years ago. To be honest, I did not have a lot of fun and wanted to leave… Now, I work for them and could not be happier.

I met up with Carson at his shop down the street from my house. We drove to Epping to pick up one other MINI to meet with us. From there, we drove in to Newington through some great twisty backroads. The Tutto Italiano show at Larz Anderson was happening the same day, so the show was a little quieter, but still as busy as ever! I’d say 1000+ cars rolled in and out of the show for three hours. It was hot, but the show was cool. I look forward to these every summer. I took a few photos, but not many, as I did not get a chance to walk around much.20180805_0853484524676788870237815.jpg20180805_0850148069699258979263850.jpg20180805_0852481933692376955547523.jpg20180805_0849027465293029534669210.jpg20180805_0846553885495775693836915.jpg20180805_0834519068544103597529491.jpg

After the show, Carson, Brad, Dave and myself all went to The Friendly Toast in downtown Portsmouth. If you live in the area and have not been, I HIGHLY recommend. I went there for the first time earlier this year and can’t get enough. From there we cruised around 1a again. Two new traditions after Seacoast.

The weekend is over once again, but more great memories were made. I made it through another crazy busy one! Until next time my friends.

Motor on.



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