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Welcome Home to a Year of Adventure

Heyo again everyone! I know it has only been a couple days since my last blog post, but today is a very big day.

One year ago today, my parents and I started the journey to New Brunswick, Canada to retrieve who we all refer to as BabyLou. I remember the day like it was yesterday. So, for those of you have not yet heard the story or for those who would care to relive it, I’m going to share the journey I took to go get her, and the adventure that we have had together since then.

Thursday July 13, 2018 7:30am

Usually I am not one to wake up early, but I could not sleep this day. I kept waking up every hour looking at the clock. In just two short hours, my parents and I would be leaving for New Brunswick, Canada to go get my new classic car. I could hardly believe that this day had come. Shawn and I had talked for the past few weeks, and before long what started as a mere transaction became a friendship. I was looking forward to meeting him in person as much as I was looking forward to seeing the car in person.

As Shawn and I talked the weeks leading up to this day, we discovered that we had met in passing two years ago at MINIs on Top 2015. I purchased a duck whistle from his wife who was selling them for a charity. I did not think anything of it at the time. As we got to know each other some more it was clear that this situation did not happen by chance, we had a lot in common. We both decided that it was meant to be, I was meant to pick up Louisa, formerly known as “BabyBlue.”

The drive up was no joke. We left the house at around 9:30am. It would take us around 12 hours to reach our destination. 511 miles to pick up the precious cargo who was awaiting its new owner. We stopped several times along the way, for gas, food, and just some breaks in general. We stopped for dinner around 7:00pm, but still had about two and half more hours to go. I messaged Shawn who told me not to worry, that we would get there when we did.

I remember that feeling at dinner. So close to that moment that I could taste it. Louisa was within arms reach…


When we pulled up to his house, Louisa was parked out in the driveway.

Wow. Words could not describe how excited I was to be here and to be seeing this car in person. I chatted with Shawn and his wife Angie for a little while as my parents were turning the Uhaul around on the street to make our departure easier. A beautiful car, truly. It was a cold night and her windows were beginning to fog up. She was not used to being out in the cold weather.

Loading her up on the Uhaul proved to be a daunting task. The wheel base barely fit on it. My excitement was dwindling for a few moments as I thought we might have driven all the way up here just to not be able to get her on the trailer to go home…

Of course, we did it though and just was up and on and ready to make the journey back home.. Before we left though we got a visit from theย Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I guess there had been a few calls that came in with concerns about a potential robbery. The police were all very nice about it once they were reassured there was no robbery going on. They were then very interested in the car and asked some more questions. They told us good luck getting it back home and went on their way.

I said my goodbyes to Shawn, and promised I would take good care of Louisa. I had the duck whistle I bought from them in my pocket and placed it on her little dash before we took off again.

510 miles back, 9 long hours later, we arrived back home around 9:30am the following morning. Unloading Louisa back off of the trailer was also a very daunting task. There were a few guys on our street who were taking a break from mowing the lawn across the street from my nana’s house. One of them was nice enough to come over and lend us a hand. He back the uhaul down the driveway, and helped us unload my precious cargo.


Here is first photo I ever took of Louisa, safe and sound in my nana’s garage after a long journey back home.

I was so tired.. I had barely slept in the last 24 hours. I went home, took a shower and got into bed. I still couldn’t sleep though. What just happened? Was this real? Am I dreaming? I took a nap for a few hours. But as I’ve said before. There is no rest for the weary. I had organized a Pipe Dream Brewing get together for MINIs of New Hampshire that evening. All of my friends in multiple groups was going to be there, and there was no way I was going to miss that…

Friday July 14th 5:30pm

On my way to Pipe Dream!

I got there kind of late because I napped longer than I wanted to. When I walked in, everyone asked me what the hell I was doing there and why I wasn’t asleep. But for those of you who know me well, you know how I am. I couldn’t have NOT gone to the event I had put together…

I recounted my journey to my friends, had some food, and then promptly when home when it was all over. My journey was over, but the fun was just getting started…

Since that day, Louisa “BabyLou,” and I have gone on some amazing adventures and met so many people. It was truly an experience getting to know this little car, and adjusting to all of attention it was going to bring. Car shows, cruise night, dinner get togethers, ice cream runs and more. I hope that we have many more years together and make many more new friends and memories. Below are photos from our year together, and just a glimpse into the world of being a car girl.


Duck whistle I was referring to earlier20170715_2021216808479772606916242.jpg

Louis and LuLu meeting for the first time20170715_2021472751592462907773546.jpg20170715_2021514377654738648269007.jpg20170715_2022062430800048328352562.jpg20170715_2022263165649378140377256.jpg20170715_2022578280173384858623748.jpg20170715_2023317696313140188981099.jpg20170717_155130113903074458449930.jpg

Some of the first photos I took of her.20170723_0905448520301887204050490.jpg

Her first Cars and Coffee! #snhcarsandcoffee20170725_1927532728420626741477533.jpg20170725_2034047912872333716760637.jpg20170725_2035012436162999346185376.jpg

Her first GTG with MoNH!20170801_214257660497826468038508.jpgHer second GTG!20170820_0827466605673309345534482.jpg

#snhcarsandcoffee again!20170806_1102218145208101880942649.jpg20170806_1102305652302622151702065.jpg

Seacoast Cars and Coffee!20170909_1338184329114327503321912.jpg

Kiwanis Car Club show in Concord, NH 2017fb_img_15052471850448494651289498745598.jpg


MINIs of Boston GTG20170902_0917022565375664975505649.jpg20170902_101805577538825391379251.jpgfb_img_15044828322655549709978226284189.jpg

A few photos from Cruise Downtown in Manchester, NH 201720170902_1632413385467615599067593.jpg

Her little award for being a car show favorite at Cruise Downtown, and her first one of many!fb_img_15044828352446306217085848242481.jpgfb_img_15044828379696209929179643335767.jpg

More Cruise Downtown20170909_1037295761329344060816065.jpg20170909_1101264031340832411155846.jpg20170909_1454004610546535224197641.jpg

More Kiwanis Car Club show, and her second award! 2nd place in the british classfb_img_15008486241804158047734003822377.jpg





More Cruising Downtown, and theres me in the background! And yes, I did match on purpose20170923_131148(0)4531036773690398963.jpg

SNHU Gearheads club showfb_img_15069095332857767374195876601147.jpg

#snhcarsandcoffee #madcowphotographyfb_img_15069095403313948643609615680622.jpgfb_img_15069095467242231909201273776945.jpgfb_img_15069096347001169318526813665616.jpg

#snhcarsandcoffee #madcowphotographyfb_img_15069096418459005254529572094319.jpgfb_img_15069096381871932760916833659015.jpgfb_img_15069096518153740263119548879713.jpg

#snhcarsandcoffee #madcowphotographyfb_img_150690973132465641815797482313.jpg

SNHU Gearheads Club show20180301_1402122842864047997674078.jpg

Her first drive after a long winter! #201820180326_1906534600245780945017125.jpg20180413_1130285452158744881115599.jpg

Took her for a spin to school!20180422_0938365405063946159949880.jpg

#snhcarsand coffee20180422_1003388920733636012270167.jpg20180422_1221101606993917708497889.jpg

Breakfast after #snhcarsandcoffee with the knights ๐Ÿ™‚20180422_1221197938263768911386347.jpg20180422_1325596802625834411365.jpg20180422_1326143146470625772374159.jpg20180422_1326363671427934854767119.jpg

A few photos of a quick spin around Masabesic lake!20180422_1341576495484496630351084.jpg


Tiffany and Co. key that matches so perfectly.20180503_1900594677495189185188613.jpg

Candia First Stoppe weekly cruise nightfb_img_15254859795634747770039175452114.jpg20180503_1915257827485357574239275.jpgfb_img_15254859747558867607366141789401.jpg20180422_210216649705648659378959.png

#snhcrsandcoffee heading to breakfast again!fb_img_15254859820187803698523668981451.jpgfb_img_1525485984760834782043963083394.jpgfb_img_15254859871317564519067255747714.jpg20180505_1146216859880472148110723.jpg20180505_1259231308314437290017680.jpg


MA Illest I believe? I was one of only 3 classics there..fb_img_15256973334325824613632596949331.jpg20180517_1807226697993559096113198.jpg

More Candia Cruise night20180517_1830061147369661017192961.jpg20180517_2011344255698567224809044.jpg

My PERFECT picnic basket from my friend Jonny!received_22430583457117821469459981082425026.jpeg

Hey look, our first photo together!20180521_1722303917968189543371166.jpg


Manchester Firing Line Cruise Night20180527_1010413901755997878535201.jpg


Manchester Firing Line Cruise night20180531_1815535575066574482971855.jpg

Louisa made a little friend at Candia First Stoppe cruise night!20180531_1844296003611356973485116.jpg20180531_1857078348037578696998639.jpg20180531_1858578936812943760031012.jpgreceived_22630833637092801200366187203478757.jpeg

Still at candia! Different show this time20180601_1745283512363538508954072.jpg

Giving her a little bath20180601_1820513662532499974871010.jpg20180602_0954084679262728640245282.jpg

Rotary Show in June in Goffstown, NH!20180602_1058267563349362317132168.jpg20180602_135906931483881588364405.jpgAnd she got second in her class again! ๐Ÿ˜€20180603_0851002979781306350836604.jpg



More Candia Cruise night!20180610_1848435075641674472842958.jpg20180614_1851562724089864087430428.jpg

Louisa getting cleaned up at Carson’s shop #DetailNewEngland20180614_1857482808639807310568219.jpg20180616_0831237821571839734315974.jpg

Her very first photo at the White Mountains for MINIs on Top


Duck Displays!20180616_1101414064495124977907568.jpgย 20180616_105753(0)6456564310409291389.jpg

MINIs on Top at Loon Mountain20180616_1101468432544918708493472.jpg

Ghost the duck20180616_1144513633377983432693185.jpg20180616_110230946795509727469417.jpgimg_20180617_210409_6777168989917669382432.jpg

Photo on the Kanc courtesy of EZ RIder Pics!


Castle in the Clouds Car show just last weekend!20180707_112019-11641790699396254773.jpg20180707_112415-11021546327962345708.jpg20180707_120526-16116031979330863419.jpg20180707_163139-12926220758510855120.jpg

British Car Squad20180707_163115-12091099015472304207.jpg20180708_104529-14107927464122032562.jpg

#seacoastcarsandcoffee Louisa was front and center20180708_105546-14090453319214206132.jpg

She made another classic friend!20180708_105615-19099663751605254565.jpg20180708_105638-17352297055387277307.jpg20180708_114348-18706599048209889671.jpg

Louisa wants to come to The Friendly Toast too!20180708_134919-12045646614651404091.jpg

Colt and MINI20180708_135008-16936792849143279467.jpg20180708_135043-11024844915807802873.jpg20180708_135118-11256078687251126562.jpg20180708_135135-13730841158300090313.jpg


This past year has been crazy. And it would not have been as much fun without all of the amazing people that I have met along the way. I am so thankful I was able to make this happen. It was a long journey to get her and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Thanks Louisa for a year of great adventures, I can’t wait to see where this next year will take us!

Until next time. Motor On.


One thought on “Welcome Home to a Year of Adventure

  1. Ana says:

    Very emotional. I think all first ones leave an remarkable memory and attachment in our lives. My very first car Honda had the same impact on me. I still miss it a lot. Good luck with your cute companion for many more years to come.

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