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Castle in the Clouds Car Show

Wow, it’s almost been a month since MINIs on Top. It’s hard to believe! I’ve been super busy since then, cruise nights here and there. This past weekend though was a huge car show up in Moultonborough. New Hampshire, the Castle in the Clouds Car Show! A few of my friends had gone years prior and told me that I definitely should go if I could.

With the oil issues I had previously with my classic I was hesitant about the hour and half drive to the castle. I decided that I would get up early, drive part way, get some breakfast and give her a break and then continue on my way…

Saturday July 7th, 7:00AM

Blahh, mornings are never easy for me. But breakfast AND a car show did make it a little easier. Louisa and I started our journey around 7:30 up to a cafe in Pittsfield for breakfast. Jitters Cafe was quite the interesting place. It was early and there were only a few people in there. But I have never seen a place serve breakfast, pizza, beer, mimosas and cake all one place. I was skeptical about it, but it was too late to go somewhere else. I was pleasantly surprised though with the food, as well as the people who worked there. I was clearly locally owned. The owner (I assumed) was sitting at a table with a couple who must go there often. They were talking about their grandkids and what not. THe wait staff was chit chatting about their kids, making ends meet, etc. It was a community cafe and I can appreciate that.

I finished breakfast and continued on my journey. I regretted not using the bathroom before I left… But oh well!

I pulled over another half hour later to give Louisa another break. As I was pulling out of the parking lot to continue, a group from British Cars of New Hampshire passed by. My good friends Steve and Nancy were hanging out the side of their MGB “Mushy-B” waving to me as they passed by.

I caught up to them at the main entrance of the Castle. The road going up was gorgeous, and I was kicking myself the whole way up because I decided not to take my GoPro with me… 20180707_100229-12389918967331415298.jpg

Here is just a snapshot of the dome shaped horse drawn road that had been there since the early 20th century. It was the perfect road for small british cars. I didn’t get out of second gear the whole way up. But it was so much fun. Luckily, Nancy got some shots of my driving up as well…received_23369330463243111936550331379286378.jpeg

There’s me in the back!received_23369335429909281599145409256563328.jpeg

And me in the back behind a tree! Haha.

The field was already packed when we got there, and boy was it a sight to see.20180707_1025442597503266410421429.jpg

The weather was absolutely gorgeous! And with all of the humidity we had during the work week, I was super grateful that it was 75 degrees, no humidity and not a cloud in the sky. A truly gorgeous day. Here are a few photos that I took of the show!


Everyone loves her!20180707_105650_008_011414004581734414330.jpg

My second favorite british car!20180707_1119105142245588838460457.jpg

Another snapshot of a few of us.20180707_1059416948307942775106140.jpg20180707_1059321507744811138643991.jpg20180707_1205259174541469634196617.jpg20180707_1124046694714641450055385.jpg20180707_120147449723653207844490.jpg20180707_112415401732715287776411.jpg20180707_1222213320190596812020272.jpg

I handed out some Southern New Hampshire Cars and Coffee cars to a few cars that were in the Salem, NH area and who I thought might enjoy coming. After walking around, Nancy and I took the trolly up to visit the castle. The carriage road that only allows the trolly on was gorgeous once again. But, the view from the castle was honestly too much to take in. 20180707_1300239003531389413768824.jpg

Can you imagine walking out in to your backyard to see this every morning? And the house had been there since the 1920s. I can’t imagine how different it must have looked back then. The furniture, clothing, and dishware inside the house was all from back then too. Here are some photos I took of the castle and inside.


As I walked through the house, I tried to imagine what life would’ve been like living here. I tried to imagine the people in and out of this house and the memories that we made. It’s cool for me to think that they made this place their home and now people are admiring and appreciating it almost 100 years later.

I was so in awe of the castle, that I decided that I would leave an offering of my keys and wallets on one of the benches. I was sitting back down at the show before I realized I didn’t put the, back in my car… Back up we went! Luckily someone had brought the, down to the Carriagehouse so it wasn’t so bad.

After the show was over I went cruising around northern new hampshire with a small fleet of other British vehicles. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. 20180707_1556404016694008354835985.jpg20180707_1607042472008056493730571.jpg20180707_1607164879636396988283630.jpg20180707_1607123939064239536079414.jpg

We finally stopped in Deerfield at Elliot’s house. I was again in awe… 13 cars sat in multiple garages. All different, and all perfect to him. It is awesome too see someone who appreciates such a diverse array of cars. I loved it. 20180707_1636237893615109696504447.jpg20180707_1636148185431305238361110.jpg20180707_1631394082552165153661386.jpg


From there I took off to a friend’s house for a BBQ. I turned in early though because Seacoast Cars and Coffee was the next morning! Good night…

Sunday July 8th, 6:00am

Why do car people like to do things so early in the morning???

Oh well. I met up with my friend Carson of Detail New England and we ventured to Epping to pick up some other MINI owners. We rolled into the show together and it was already packed! I didn’t get a chance to take too many pictures while I was there because I was working the show and helping out at the booth. But here are a few.20180708_0936188170759536777655809.jpg20180708_0935146722617536186673619.jpg20180708_0937071430314740809432524.jpg20180708_0933267422528026935626002.jpg20180708_0933465774967320464471963.jpg20180708_0935063309983524003828208.jpg20180708_0935137923648767273802291.jpg20180708_0924088288686381233637404.jpg20180708_092614(0)2148154482092289659.jpg20180708_0923432229400763925093231.jpg20180708_0930597692770744854316534.jpg

AND Louisa did get to meet another Classic MINI friend. 20180708_105615129542793231829806.jpg

The blue car on the right is a 1988 998CC engine gorgeous little limited edition. The owner Jason had just picked it up a few months ago. Such a gorgeous little MINI.

It was a long morning of helping out and what not. I got to park front and center so I could watch all of the people admire BabyLou.

After the show was over, Brad, Carson and I all went for breakfast at the Friendly Toast in downtown Portsmouth, NH. It’s always a treat to eat there. 20180708_1143487843913507077425234.jpg

Hehe, so cute.

After breakfast, we took a cruise around route 1a. I love seeing all the looks as we drive around. We stopped for a photo op as well. 20180708_1349182281323305691864179.jpg20180708_1350423233724001259955943.jpg20180708_1350084679674352670521473.jpg20180708_135118955357081878369372.jpg20180708_1351334462344712996853067.jpg

It was a great car weekend filled with more memories made, old friends and some new ones! This weekend I have a get together with the MINIs of New Hampshire group and then maybe some sun at the beach on Sunday.

Until next time. Motor On!


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