MINIs on Top 2018!

Hello everyone!

Wow.. I have been like the energizer bunny since my last blog post. Keep going and never stopping! There is not rest for the weary I suppose, and all those there cliche sayings about being busy…

Okay, on to the good stuff. This past weekend marked my fourth, I can’t even believe that, FOURTH, MINIs on Top(MOT) and it was a blast. For those who are not familiar with the event, it happens once a year around the second weekend in June. It is a time for people from all walks of life come to enjoy each other’s company, and the one thing we all have in common.. our MINIs!! 150+ people gathered in North Conway at the Red Jacket Hotel for the fun filled weekend. This years theme was Pirates of the Kancamagus, and some people went all out! Event organizers did a wonderful job as always, and the weekend was certainly another one for the books..

Friday, June 15th, 12:00PM

Friday was a busy day. I had decided a couple months ago that this year I would bring my Classic MINI up North with me to experience MOT. I seemed help taking her up north but no one was able to assist me. I was on my own. So I sucked it up and rented a Uhaul and ended up getting a fantastic deal. I loaded her up on the trailer at around 4:30PM and began my trek up North. Two hours was nothing compared to the 20 hours I had spent in a Uhaul last year to go retrieve Louisa(My classic) from Canada. As tough as it was, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I arrived at the Red Jacket Hotel at about 7:06PM. After stopping several times on the way up to make sure she was alright and tell her she was doing great, I finally made it… No one was around, so I was on my own yet again unloading my precious cargo. Slowly, and carefully, she got off the trailer and her tires touched pavement again. I could feel her excitement! I unloaded my luggage from the Uhaul and into Louisa’s tiny boot and made my way to the entrance. I checked in, dropped off my bags, parked her out back amongst her MINI friends and went to the Friday night gathering. I only spent a little time socializing as I had been up since 5:30am that morning and needed some sleep. I turned in for the night and couldn’t wait for the morning…

Saturday June 16th, 7:00AM

UGHHH… Mornings will never be my thing. But they are a little easier knowing I have a fun day ahead of me. I loaded up all the necessary items for the day, ducks, gopro, charger, water, ukulele. Time to go! I was headed off to Loon Mountain Resort where everyone gathers to show off their MINIs and check out the boot sale! For those who don’t know, a ‘boot’ is a MINI’s trunk.

Here are some photos of Louisa before I arrived at Loon.


I can’t express how much fun it was to drive the Kanc in my classic One of the best experiences I have had in a while. The weather was gorgeous and the skies were clear. It couldn’t have been a better day. Video below!

Loon Mountain is always one of my favorite parts of the weekend and also one of the longest. But this year the time absolutely FLEW by. I enjoy talking to people, but I LOVE talking to people about my car. It is always a new experience to see people’s faces light up when they see Louisa. To be amongst people who already have a love of MINIs and have a different appreciation of her is a wonderful feeling. 20180616_0931138659838575636478526.jpg

Awh, look at how cute she is ❤20180616_105753(0)835650543684925081.jpg

Everyone wants to sneak a peak inside!20180616_1101414224505206485548418.jpg


Another duck from my friends Kathy and Bob!20180616_110230531261095629927400.jpg

“Look at how tiny it is!”

“I have to show my grandkids this!”

I like to stand back sometimes and just watch how people react. Its nice standing on the side lines and letting Louisa have the attention that she deserves. Loon was packed full of MINIS which is always a site for me to see. 20180616_1102193832983787554918175.jpg20180616_110222236038697263689759.jpg20180616_1102271798834131931137232.jpg20180616_1104185309723582289699592.jpg20180616_110424223758406562468363.jpg20180616_1210268313286290371347188.jpg

From Loon, everyone picks a rally route and motors around Northern New Hampshire in big groups. I sat out of the rallying this year as Louisa would not have been able to keep up with the younger and more hip MINIs with all their fancy upgrades. So I ventured back down the Kanc with her, just enjoying the nice day and the views. I explored around a little bit and eventually ended up back at the hotel to just unwind and spend some time with myself.


The view from the room was gorgeous and the hotel had a nice little porch type area out side with a little chair to enjoy it even more.

3:30PM rolled around and I ventured back out to head to that base of Mt. Washington. Mt. Washington is where everyone gathers to share stories about their day, adventures and endeavors, have a meal and just chat with friends before ascending up the mountain. My ride to the base got interesting when my little baby began to smoke badly.. I pulled over and the couple that was following us said told me what he saw. I checked my oil and I had almost non left… We weren’t that far out from the base and I just wanted to make it there.. Maybe someone had some spare oil they could share. Luckily, my friend Tom and one other guy had some to spare, and I felt better about the whole thing. As long as I could make it back to the hotel, she would make it home okay… I was not alone during this bump in the road thankfully, my close friend Dave was with me to help. Now on to the fun stuff…

20180616_1831328294328276575505331.jpgThis year was extra fun for me, even though I had a malfunction on the way there… Each year they give out award for different categories. Newest MINI, Oldest Driver, Most MINIs, etc. Two year ago, at my second MOT in 2016, I received a medal for Youngest Driver. This year, because I brought Louisa, I received a medal for Oldest MINI. 20180617_1719051636819464045479308.jpg

Louisa was the only classic there, and although I saw it coming, it was still fun. After the awards and raffles were given out it was time to venture up to the summit of Mt. Washington. Last year was my first time ascending the mountain and I still get emotional thinking about it. It was so gorgeous last year, and it was just as gorgeous this year. BUT, no tears were shed this time.. because they froze before they could leave my eyeballs once we were actually at the top. Wearing shorts was obviously a poor decision. But again, totally worth it. I got to ride to the summit in my other friend Kathy’s teal convertible.


I didn’t take any pictures at the summit because it was so cold and I was focused on getting back to the hotel with some light. I made it back safely with our friends and then it was time to put her up on the trailer and head to the pajama party. Success! Got her up on the trailer with no problem, and with an audience… It happens. Louisa is gorgeous, what can I say?

It was good to be back at the hotel talking about the day some more with MINI friends. Some drinks and pizza ensued. The tables in the MOTOroom as we call it, were decorated with loot and gems. At one point in the night we saw how many chocolate coins we could stack on top of each other and then tried to stack rubber ducks on top of that. It was fun. I ended up knocking them all over at one, ON ACCIDENT, and I felt bad.. oh well, at least someone got pictures…

I was sad that the weekend was coming to a close as I turned in for the night, and was not really looking forward to the two hour drive home. I drifted to sleep pretty quickly because I was exhausted from the MINI adventure I had.

Sunday June 17th, 9:00AM

Okay, 9am, a little more bearable. I reiterate the fact that I don’t like mornings at all, so if I get up to see you or do something, it must be important.. A few of us were going to get together for some breakfast. We all met at Red Fox Bar and Grille.. Bar and Grille? For breakfast? I was a lift skeptical as we pulled in, but once I saw “All you can eat breakfast buffet for 8.99” mu skepticism disappeared. The good was delicious and I highly recommend it if you’re every in the area and looking for something to eat. From there it was time to go home… We stayed together for a little bit and ended up on this GREAT road, that would have been 20x more fun had I been driving either of my MINIs. Oh well, maybe next year, right?

Once again, as I write about my weekend and all the great people I spent time with, I’m ever more thankful that I met these people and decided to get a MINI. I wouldn’t change anything I’ve done. Being part of this community is something I’m not sure I would have been able to experience had I decided to get another car. Until next time my friends…

Motor On!



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    • The previous owners mechanic said it is most likely a gasket cap issue. I’ve ordered more oil and my mechanic here is going to take a look when it comes in.


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