I went to DISNEY!!!

Hey everyone! It’s yo girl!

I’m waiting in the airport in Orlando, Florida right now as I start typing this. It’ll probably take me a week to get all me thoughts and photos together to make this blog post as spectacular as my trip was. I’ll start with Sunday….

Sunday May 6th 2:00AM

UGHHH. I tried to go to bed at a reasonable hour on Saturday after attending TWO car shows all day, but I was unsuccessful. The excitement of the trip was too much for me to handle and I didn’t fall asleep until 12amish. My mom came in and woke me up and I was not having it. But nevertheless o got up, got ready and grabbed my stuff to go.

Good bye LuLu!!!

The airport was an experience, I had never been on a plane before let alone through a security check. I forgot that you can’t take liquids and stuff on the plane and I had all my sunscreen and lotion for my sunburn, that I already had from the car shows, taken a away by an asshole with a ponytail. I’ll remember you…

Okay, 5am rolled around and it was time for food. Standing in line BEFORE a Dunkin donuts opened was probably something I’ll never do again. We waited some time longer and then it was time to get on the plane. I was honestly a little scared, I had never been on a plan before, but I was so pumped and ready for this trip.

I was fine when the plane started moving until it hit the runway. I was NOT prepared for that. Once we were off the ground though I was good. The plane ride took us a little over three hours, and because of the sheer exhaustion of having to be up at 2AM, I slept through most of it. When I did wake up though, the view out the widow was breathtaking.




Once we got off the plane the airport was a lot to take in. There were shops, carts, restaurants, and a bunch of other stuff that we rushed passed as went to get out luggage and find the Magic Express that would take us to our resort.




We stayed at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort, which was also absolutely gorgeous and huge!



I did not get a lot of pictures, but this was just the ‘lobby’ building. We checked our bags at the hotel after we had arrived around noon. Our rooms wouldn’t be ready until around 5PM, so we headed over to Disney Springs. Again, it was absolutely gorgeous. Here is one photo of a beautiful view off a bridge.


We were starving at this point. Our last meal had been at a dunking donuts at 4AM. We stopped at a place called Cookies of Dublin, which was a pub style place. I ordered big greasy burger with fries, and it was absolutely delicious.



We walked around a bit more after lunch. There was a huge Lego Store around the center of the Springs. Among other stores, there was a Rainforest Cafe and tons of other Disney stores where you could get pairs of ears and customized t-shirts. There were also these cool little boat cars that you could ride out on the water in. I’m not sure how much it cost, we did not take a ride for it. They were so adorable though, and I definitely want one… someday.




A couple more hours went by and our rooms were finally ready. We trekked back to the hotel and grabbed our bags and headed to our room. We had to meet behind out building in just under an hour for a group dinner. An hour to get ready after being up for 20 hours was not very fun… We had dinner at Tu Tu Tango which was awesome and all, but it was a little disorganized. At the end of the night, we were just glad to be back in our room to sleep… The week started tomorrow…

Monday May 7th 8:45AM

Yesterday was a long, long day, but that was good, because it was going to prepare me for the day that I was going to have. We had planned to get up early to try and get to Magic Kingdom, but that didn’t exactly go that way. After our alarm went off at 8:45, we continued to lay in bed for another 3 alarms, finally leaving the room around, 10:30. We walked down to the bus stop, and man was it HUMID. I still don’t understand how people live down there…


Here we all are before it became sweat city… The bus that took us to Magic Kingdom was air conditioned. AMEN. Amen for those air conditioned busses.


The Castle!!! Breaking view after breathtaking view. I am truly grateful that I got to experience this. But I’ll save that for later. Food time… We stopped at the first place that we could sit inside. We stopped inside at the Starlight Cafe, where I had ANOTHER burger. I’m on vacation, right? Diets don’t count. I also got a Mickey straw!



Next we headed over to the Swiss Family Treehouse. It was nice and cool under the big tree and in the shade. It was cool. Next we went over to the Jungle Cruise. Our boat driver had plenty of puns and it was really funny. It was a good time. We made out way back over to the Castle and spotted the Fairy God Mother! There wasn’t much of a line, so we waited and then she disappeared. A few minutes later the Evil Step Sisters were there, so we met them instead.


This was the best photo we took before we all got really sweaty…

Next, we waited in line for the Pirate of the Caribbean ride. 40 minutes flies by a lot faster when your playing Heads Up. If your going to be standing in line for a long time and you’re with a lot of friends, I highly recommend it, you’ll make a lot of great memories.

Haley had been talking about the Dole Whip all day so we went and picked up some of that and then waited inside, WITH AIR CONDITIONING, of the Country Bears show. I don’t exactly remember what the name of it was, but it was something like that. BUT, it was hysterical and I recommend it for adults. When we got outside the PARADE WAS GOING ON!! I was so excited, we had seen clips of it on the Disney Express bus that took us to our resort, but weren’t sure if we were going to be able to see it or not. Here are some photos I took.












So that fire breathing dragon was super cool, and actually just recently caught on fire after we left Florida..

On a side note, this park is absolutely HUGE. Next I think we went on the Haunted Mansion Ride because we had a Fast Pass for it. The wait for this ride was short and when we got on it was really dark. For future references, I hate the dark, and anything that jumps out at me, so I was a little nervous. Once we got in and went around it was fine and most of the ride was funny. BUT, halfway through the ride it STOPPED. At first, I thought it was part of the ride, but then Haley said “This has never happened before.” Allow freak out to commence. After just a couple minutes it started up again, and we continued, but then it stopped AGAIN. At this point, I was a little annoyed, but it was fun overall. Once we got off that ride we headed over to the It’s a Small World Ride. My nana had told me that it was her favorite ride when her and my papa and mom went when my mom was a teenager, so I had to go on it for her.



After this ride we broke for lunch and stopped in Pinocchio cafe place. I ordered Chicken tenders off the kids menu.. Haha! That was funny. From there we circled back around to Tomorrowland and went on the sky ride that I also cannot remember the name. It was a nice break, relaxing. There was a nice breeze, and it was high up enough that you could see other parts of the park at certain points. There was also a great view of the castle.


We stuck around Tomorrowland and did a few of the other rides that were there. The Carrousel of Progress was really interesting to see. Although its not technically a ‘ride,’ it was interesting to see the progress that we went through since the early 20th century. Next we went to the Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor, and it was really funny. They pull people from the crowd and have a camera that kept going back to this one guy. It was a good show. Next, we waited in line for the Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. The wait for this ride was almost an hour, so it was time to whip out the Heads Up app again. It passed the time quickly, and we even got a few other families to ask what we were playing and a couple downloaded and started to play themselves. I got a score of 86,000 dominating my friends’ scores. But of course, I AM the best..

Next we went to Space Mountain. This ride had a wait of an hour and a half, and I was fine with that. Another thing that I am not fond of is rollercoasters… Heads up took up the time again and we got on the ride. I was NOT prepared for that. But it Was a lot of fun. Two minutes of being whipped around in the dark can give someone quite the rush. When we got in line for the ride it was light out, and when we came back outside, it was dark. The fireworks show was going on and we got to catch just the end of it. The castle was also lit up and it looked absolutely gorgeous.



BUT, because of the fireworks show parts of the roads around the castle were closed and we had another FastPass to get to in 20 minutes. So Jess took the lead, and we all held hands as she navigated through the crowd, LIKE A PRO. I tripped over a carriage folded up on the ground though, AND had a bruise to prove it. Once we got out of the crowd we ran over to Thunder Mountain. Another ride I was not looking forward to… We got in the FastPass line and waited for about 20 minutes before the moment of truth came… At the end, it was not that bad. But then they wanted me to go on Splash Mountain. NO WAY. Big drops are the WORST. I gave in though.. Live a little, I guess. Who knows when the next time I’ll be there would be… They definitely fooled me though, a smaller drop made to be the big drop… It was not… It was funny, and the huge drop was funnier.. Splash Mountain was the last ride of the day. It was 11:00PM and we were absolutely exhausted. The walk back to the bus stop was AWFUL, and the bus ride back was even worse. I am not used to standing on a bus, and almost fell on a mom and her kids. Once we got back to the hotel it was a wonderful feeling to take my shoes off, take a shower and go to bed… Sleep and do it again tomorrow…

Tuesday May 8th 8:45AM

Day TWO! SO pumped for the day.. Not really, my feet still hurt a little from the day before. Also not looking forward to another day in the heat. Today, we were off to Epcot to drink around the world!


The weather was a little nicer out, there were some clouds to block out the sun off and on and then there was a nice breeze every now and again. Epcot was probably my favorite day.


The ball!!



We decided to go to the Test Track first as its a car ride, and being who I am, I wanted to do that one. The wait for that ride was an hour and half. But DAMN, was it worth it. First, you get to build your car. And then it will be tested for capability, efficiency, responsiveness and POWER. So the first three stages of the ride were fin, simulating a car drifting and what not. But then the last test came, you come through a tunnel with lights that lead to a door that open to reveal an outside track that goes around the building. The light blinds you, the ‘test car’ takes off, and the wind is blowing in the breeze. HOLY DAMN, it was so fast and so fun. If you’re going to take a trip to Epcot and have never been on this ride, I highly recommend it! It was my favorite. Next it was time to DRINK AROUND THE WORLD!!! As were walking along, there were gorgeous flowers EVERYWHERE. They were all perfect and beautiful and the air smelled wonderful and I couldn’t breath because of my allergies.





We then went to go check out the Croughnut, a donut croissant hybrid. It was delicious and it was even better because it was free. We got them for free because we were wearing “Celebrating Graduating College” pins, and the girl at the booth was wicked nice of course.



We stopped under an umbrella table and chilled out for a second. A little duck was following us and I couldn’t help but give him a piece… and a name… Charlie. Charlie wouldn’t go away after I gave him that first piece, so he hung out and I gave him my last piece before a little kid came over and chased him away. It was nice to meet you Charlie!


We took off and ventured around the world, and what started with drinking, ended with eating.. here are a few photos.










We stopped to eat at Via Napoli in Italy. We ordered a prosciutto pizza and I ordered a Moscow Mule of course!


We continued our adventure around the world and then headed back to Disney Springs to eat for dinner. We went to the Rainforest Cafe, which was good. But the time there was an adventure in and of itself. First, I was not very hungry at all after I had been eating all day. Second, I did not really enjoy my Moscow Mule, nor was there a lot of alcohol in it because it was primarily pineapple juice. Yes, you read that correctly. Pineapple juice. THAT DOES NOT BELONG IN A MOSCOW MULE. So back to the Rainforest Cafe.




And here is my happy drink. This dinner night turned in to a very interesting one. I become extremely honest and a little too outgoing when I’m tipsy. When I’m drunk I just overcompensate and am awkward.. So, Tipsy MaeLynn decided that it would be a GREAT idea to leave her number for the waiter, Salvatore…. Now, I intended to leave and get out of there before he came back to pick up the check. But Jess was taking pictures with her cousin and while we were still sitting at the table waiting, Salvatore came over and grabbed the check. SHIT! I turned to Haley and said that I wanted to be out of here before he came back and picked it up.. Laughter ensued.. she turned to look, “He’s looking at it!” More laughter ensued. Eventually he came back over and told us he heard the giggling. “Thanks,” he said, “now don’t forget to pick up your souvenir glass, you can take this one too (One of the table), I don’t give a shit. You ladies have a good time.” WHEW, that was awkward, but it as funny and I was too tipsy to care. End day two..

Wednesday May 9th, 8:45AM

I had a blast in Epcot the day before and today I was really looking forward to the Safari ride in Animal Kingdom. Here’s our obligatory selfie (I made that face in all our photos all weekend…)


I didn’t know what to expect today, another fun filled day though was for sure. Amen again for air conditioned buses. Today was even better, weather wise, than the last couple days. It was overcast, but not too bad, and there was an even better breeze. Animal Kingdom has trees covering a lot of the paths, so there was always a bit of shade from the sun. The Tree of Life is what welcomes all the visitors to its kingdom.


An absolutely gorgeous sight, no pictures I took this week do any of what I saw any justice. It was truly remarkable. The tree was carved out of all different animals, and extended down to where this photo was taken. As you can see, on the right is a buffalo. How cute! We took some more photos and then ventured over to the Safari line. 90 minute wait… My patience was definitely put on trial this week. I hate lines and waiting. BUT, it was totally worth it… Again, me talking about what I saw doesn’t do much for you, so here are the photos I took that are worth sharing.


Here was our safari bus!


A cute little rhino. It looks like he is looking right at the camera!




Snap jaw…


A fleet of snap jaws..


I don’t remember what these things were called, BUT they are super cool because they hold liquid in their horns and circulate it into their body to keep them cool.


Chilling and grazing


This giraffe was literally right next to he bus.. This photo is not zoomed in much..


This one is not zoomed at all..


Elephants!! And the little baby elephant, super cute.


Some flamingos, and according to the little boy behind us, there were ten.


There was this Ostrich, that did not give a shit about the bus, us, or the wait time. It walked right in front of the bus, right up to the OPEN windows and strut its stuff.


And this one, giving us all the side eye…

Truly another incredible experience to get up close and personal with animals that I would otherwise never get a chance to see. Next we walked around the conservation and rehabilitation area. There were a whole bunch more animals, lots of gorillas and chimpanzees, toads, snakes, birds, fish, and everything in between. But my favorite, were the meerkats..




“Humans, I demand you make me your leader.” Sure. Would. They weren’t really doing much, but I could’ve watched them ALL day. Super cute, life long bucket list item – see meerkats. Check!

Next stop, food. It was lunch time, and also time to snack.


Mickey Pretzel!


This beef and lamb gyro, ugh, sooo good. I’m hungry just looking at the photo..

Next we traveled over to Kali River Rapids. The wait, again, was another hour and a half. This wait however REALLY tried my patience. A group of 5th graders and their irresponsible chaperons were behind us and were bouncing off the walls. THERE ARE ROPES BLOCKING STUFF OFF FOR A REASON LITTLE GIRL. Anyways, whatever. About 40 minutes in though, an announcer came on the speaker and said that there were some technical difficulties and the ride had stopped. Okay, time to sit, and down I went. The wait was only about 15 minutes and the line was moving again, but then the ride was down again. Oh well, no big deal. I had already waited an hour, what was another 15 minutes. We got up to the section where they let the Fastpass people go and then a few of us ‘standing’ people. Well Ms. Chaperone did not approve of the “MILLION” of Fastpass people that they were letting go. The poor kid working the line was saying that the ride was down, and they have the right away BECAUSE THEY HAVE A FAST PASS. Well, Ms. Chaperone did not approve and was swearing up and down in front of her band of hellions, one of which was her daughter. We all said to the kid that he was doing his job, and couldn’t help the ride malfunctioning. I always feel bad in those situations, he was doing his job and deserved someone on his side. We all moved along, and thank god there were so many of the hellions that we were put in a separate boat. Our company for the ride was MUCH more friendly. And of course, Haley and I got SOAKED. I didn’t mind, it was hot, and it felt good.



A few waiting in line photos.. has to keep myself occupied somehow… else I was going to punch a kid.

From there it was my dreaded hour… Exhibition Everest… I REALLY did not want to go on that ride. But we had FastPasses, and I had too, so in the line I went. So, we had done all the parks with the mountain rollercoasters, and this was the last one. I KNEW that one of them went backwards and was praying it was not this one. That prayer was not answered though… We came up to the hill where the tracks drop off and my only thought was, “Oh. Shit.” and backwards I went. I had my eyes closed for most of the rollercoaster and my picture down the last big hill was horrendous. BUT, I had fun, and would probably go on it again. At least I would know what to expect. There were a few other things we did over in Dinoland, and not the kid part. This one ride was an underground travel back through time type ride where we had to find a specific dinosaur and bring it back. Well all there was on that ride were T-Rex left and right. It was pitch black for most of the parts and they would stop you right in front of one and then flip the lights on to reveal it. Again, great ride, hilarious really, it was fun. That pretty much did it for animal kingdom, we walked around some more looking at some more animals and other stuff and then headed off to Hollywood Studios.


The vibe of this place as we walked in was awesome, very 50s and 60s. I loved it. Tower of Terror was on Jess’ agenda, we waited in line with her but promptly went out to wait once she got on. There was NO WAY I was getting on that one..


The inside of the ‘line’ area was really cool though. It was set up like an old hotel, for those who don’t know, and everything was covered in cobwebs and really old and vintage looking, and I loved it. Old stuff is the best kind of stuff. So Jess crossed that off her bucket list and we went to explore a little more. Unfortunately, some of the park was blocked off so we did not get a chance to walk around much. But then the best thing happened. ALL week, since the first day at Magic Kingdom I had been looking for one of those Mickey balloons. And we finally found them. I saw them from a distance and immediately went running over towards them. 5 years old again? Yes, I was, and I am not ashamed.




Next we went over to the Star Wars area, which was not really my thing since I’ve never seen any of the movies (I know, I know, close your mouth). Haley was so excited, she got to meet Chubacca, and I got to meet BB-8 for my mom. She loves him. That did it for Hollywood Studios, there were only a few rides, a lot of food and a lot of shopping. It was time to turn in for the day. And so ended the three days of Magic in Disney World…

Thursday May 10, 10:00AM

There was no way in hell we were getting out of bed early this day.. uh uh, no way. We had to check out by 11 though.. Today was going to be our last day, and our down day before we had to head back to the airport to head home. Lunch was the first thing on the agenda since by the time we got up and got there it was almost noon.


We stopped at a place called the Polite Pig, which was a BBQ place. IT WAS DELICIOUS. Again, I’m hungry just thinking about the place. I got Sausage with cheese inside and waffle fries. It was absolutely wonderful and I wish there was one around here…

Next we walked over to Amorette’s Patissere, where I HAD to get the pink champagne with Minnie ears on tops.



Keepin it classy at the springs.

We had seen it on the first day we were there when we arrived on Sunday, and it was something I had always wanted to do anyways. THE HOT AIR BALLOON!


Hell yea, I was so excited. It was only $20 to take a ride in the hot air balloon, so why not? Jess wanted to ride it too, but Haley was none too excited. The ‘basket’ was a circle, the pilot(I don’t know what a hot air balloon driver is called) made sure that we were all evenly distributed around. Time for lift off. It took about 2 minutes to get all the way up, and I don’t know exactly how high we went, but the view was awesome. 20180510_145101-12035419821092296663.jpg

You could see all of Disney Springs. It was up on this balloon ride that a whole lot of realization hit me… My college experience was over. I had made it through four years of classes, tests, projects, presentations, events, memories, struggles, and accomplishments. I had grown as an individual, a young professional, a friend, a leader. I had become someone that I never thought I would be. At the beginning of my college career I didn’t think much of myself, I did not do much. Today a few of my accomplishments are that I help run a car club, I run my own event in New Hampshire that has a following of 820 people, I own a classic, and I was graduating college. I had just taken a trip to New York a few weeks before. If you had told me a few years ago I would end up standing in a hot air balloon at Disney Springs thinking about all of this, I would not have believed you. I thought about where I had been, and where I was now, and I was grateful, SO grateful. I was grateful to be here, to be with friends, to know that I would be going back home to a family that loves and supports me, and more friends who would be celebrating my graduation in just a few days. It was all a little overwhelming, but it was a great feeling to have.

The balloon descended and my flight was over. I touched the ground and came down off of my high. I was happy, life was good. We walked around the springs some more before we had to meet back at the resort and head to the airport. The TSA and boarding process was not as exciting as it was when we were leaving to go to Disney. Although I was sad that the trip was over, I was glad to be going back home to my roots.


Again, pictures that I took during my trip don’t do anything I saw any justice. Our flight back home was at night and it was absolutely gorgeous to see the city lights below us.

Friday May 11, 1:00AM

The flight back was a lot quicker than the flight to get there, and I never thought I’d be glad to arrive back in Manchester. We all waited for our luggage and then said our goodbyes. Haley and Jess were picked up at the airport, and I boarded the bus that would take me back to SNHU. My mom picked me up and I was so happy to see her. It was good to be home.

My Friday was not as exciting as the rest of my week was. I finished up decorating my cap, got my nails done, and went to bed super early. The next morning I would be graduating college. Commencement was a lot of fun. The speeches were short, sweet and to the point.img_20180511_140259_5802152982039720490298.jpg20180512_1216521426552595262814115.jpg

It was over in a flash, and then it was on to my graduation party. Again, loads and loads of fun. My mom, dad, nana and my sister all put in a ton of effort to make the day super special for me. 20180512_132209-14536774255304693234.jpg

Pusheen and Stormy!! ♥♥20180512_1759124460530153757709065.jpg

Flowers from my family, Haley, and Dave.

The excitement is over now. It has been almost two weeks since I went to Disney and since graduation. I’m currently going through training at SNHU to be a student finance counselor. I’ll be applying for the Masters program here shortly and will continue on my adventure. Until next time…

~Adventure Awaits


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  1. Ana says:

    Hello, Disney experience is very well described in your blog. Love the details and specifics. Can’t wait
    to go to Disney now. I am a big fan of Disney.

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