Nobody beats Town Fair Tire… NOBODY

Hey everyone!!

First off, if you read the title and laughed you also probably cried. If you have no idea why I decided to title the blog post what I did, then you did not experience the pain and suffering that World of Wheels goers and participants endured for three long days… What a weekend!! Saturday consisted of the Brewery Rally with the MINI club, and Sunday consisted of not one, but TWO car shows. I’m ready for a long nap…

Sunday morning started with my little show, Southern New Hampshire Cars and Coffee that I run in Salem, New Hampshire. Because I am not a morning person, I was a little late to my own show, and by late, I mean 9:04AM. By the time I arrived, the parking lot was already packed, and I was lucky I found a spot near my fellow MINI drivers. I met up with my friends and we went to get some coffee from local coffee shop sponsor, The Coffee Factory. Highly recommend if you have never been, they brew all their coffee same day and breakfast sandwiches and sweets are made fresh. While that wait is long because of all the people, its worth it. I am also glad to bring business to the local shop. By the time we got outside, the show had just grown bigger and cars were still rolling in. 20180325_09403320180325_094035

Here are two images that I captured to show the overwhelming support the show had for its season opener event. The air was brisk and it was col, but that didn’t stop 200+ cars from coming out to enjoy themselves with friends. Nothing will stop car enthusiasts in New England. While many still had their cars locked up in the garage, the daily drivers were out in full force. But we did get a few cool things to show up…


This Rat Rod has shown its support last summer, and we are glad to see it back out here again! I think my favorite part about this one is that there is a car seat bolted into the back.


Spot number two goes to this Rolls Royce with the interesting color combination. I like the colors, but I am not sure that it goes with this car. Still, an awesome sight to see!

Afterwards, the Knights and I went over to Rockingham Cafe for our monthly breakfast after the show. A little hole in the wall place that will serve you Eggs Benedict and Beer at 11 in the morning. Welcome to New Hampshire! #livefreeordie

From there I drove down to the Seaport District in Boston Massachusetts to attend my first World of Wheels. No one was able to go with me, so I was flying solo for this one. Getting there was easier than I thought it was going to be, and I didn’t get lost. The Seaport World Trade Center is a perfect spot to showcase these spectacular cars. It was unreal. My friend Jonny had his Dodge Charger registered, so I stuck with him for the afternoon. Here’s his baby in all her glory…


Pictures just don’t do some things justice, and this is one of those things. I’ll get to take it for a spot this summer… hopefully…

This show made me both super happy and super sad. Sad because, A, because I wish I would’ve known about it soon because I would have brought Louisa, my 1962 Morris MINI-Minor, and shown her off, and B, because I wish I had money to own more than one classic vehicle. But we all need to start somewhere.

The event really was spectacular, the cars from Fate of the Furious were there lined up, in all their move prop glory. beautiful on the outside, but not so much on the inside. The Chop Shop featuring Gene Winfield was there doing a demonstration, and there were also special guests like, Tony Stuart, and John Schneider. The age of spectators ranged from people in their 80s to little kids being held back by their parents so they don’t touch the half a million dollar car. Me talking about the event won’t do it for you, so here are a few photos of some of my personal favorites from the show…


This 1059 Austin Healey Sprite, which was one of the only smaller cars there.


The contrast of this rusted exterior and pristine interior had me at first sight. ❤ 20180325_135052

This 1930 Ford Hot Rod. I can picture myself driving this bad boy, hell yeah.


This Dragster that I would have loved to see doing its thing back in the day. Which according to the ropes surrounding it, did its thing pretty good.


Having a cold one with the boys…


And this 1971 Corvette Stingray… This will be the next classic that I will probably buy impulsively.

World of Wheels 2019 better watch out for Louisa and I. The weekend was a success, and perhaps the best part was being able to breath in all the fumes at the end as I recorded most of the cars leaving the show. Link is provided below. Enjoy!


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