Brewery Rally 2018!

Good day everyone!

It was a cloud day, but that did not stop me or some of my good friends from hitting the road on today’s adventure. The morning began, very early, at The Riverhouse Cafe in Milford, NH. An adorable little spot at the Oval. I ordered a half order of their Eggs Benedict and will definitely be returning for a full order. From there, I joined MINIs of Boston on their first rally of the season, The Brewery Rally! We took some great backroads through, Leominster, Westminster, Fitchburg and Framingham. Myself and about 20+ other cars all drove together to several breweries in the area. I know what you’re probably thinking, drinking and driving? A recipe for disaster, but A, I do not drink beer (I’m a whiskey kind of girl) and B, most everyone who was had a passenger who could take over for them. So it was all good! Our first stop was Wachusett Brewing Company in Westminster, MA.




Oh, there they are!…

It was a quaint little place for a Brewery, plenty of space and a very unique looking bar. While I don’t drink beer I can’t tell you if it was any good there, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it, so I’d say it is worth checking it out if you are into that. The bar area was a hallowed out trailer. Available drafts were posted on old license plates above, a very unique idea. Very creative. On the other side there were picnic tables, in addition to the many available tables, where everyone could sit and relax. There was a band stage set up for live music, lights strung up on the ceiling, and a disco ball hung above. And they also serve food! I had a taste of their fried pickles and they were delicious.


From there, we all hopped back into out cars and took off to the next Brewery. We attempted to go to Jack Abby’s for lunch and some more beer, but there was a parade of strollers in the way and people passing their baby around the table. Who brings their baby to a brewery? Don’t even get me started. We all hung out there for a bit while we tried to figure out where we could go for a sit down meal WITHOUT having to worry about getting run over by a stroller.

One of the crew pointed out Ken’s Steakhouse, and before you ask, yes, like the dressing. The group arrived and took up two tables in the back part of the restaurant. It ended up being a very good choice. It wasn’t too busy yet so it was relatively quiet, and we could get a little noisy too if we wanted to. VERY good food, I had scallops wrapped in bacon, mmm my favorite, and a BLT. Most everyone else had steak and it all looked delicious. They also serve an array of desserts from Creme Brûlée to Canolis! I had a bite of their Canoli’s from a friend’s dish and it was delicious. After a nice lunch with the MINI family we all went out separate ways and traveled back home.

There is still a lot of snow on the ground and day was sort of dreary, but I still took a some video of our rally, a link is provided. I hope you enjoy! Next stop will be Southern New Hampshire Cars and Coffee tomorrow, and World of Wheels!




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